Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baltimore Traditions

Now that I am done with my fundraiser, I have time to focus on making Julien's trip a memorable one.

On Sunday, we went to the Orioles game with a group of McDonogh students and their french correspondents to see the Orioles play the Toronto Bluejays.
The Orioles were kind enough to give the french students the Orioles t-shirts and floppy hats. (Thus, the sea of Orange!)

Someone in the crowd always buys a foam finger....this one made the rounds.


The group doing the wave.


After the game, we had steamed crabs for dinner (finally, something American!) Julien and Charlotte were not too sure about eating them.


We've been eating crabs for so long that we forget how hard it is the first couple of times you pick crabs. They were troopers though and really enjoyed cracking the claws with the mallets.


Today, I brought a car full of french students home and we stopped along the way for a snowball--a true Baltimore tradition. I tried to get them to get marshmallow on top, but no one was willing to give it a try.


More adventures coming soon...

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