Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We've Got Game!

So, yesterday I went over to my friend, Lyndall's house to pick up an air hockey table that she no longer wanted. My kids love air hockey so I figured it would be worth the effort of moving it. HA! Three of us were able to get it in the car without too much trouble; however, it was extemely awkward and slightly heavy. I got it to my house and decided that the best bet of getting it in the house was to carry it down the steps to my basement door.

The only problem is that once the kids and I got it out of the car, we couldn't manuever the table down the steps. I decided to leave it until my husband got home and went out Christmas shopping. While I was out, it started to pour...Nothing like leaving something electrical outside in the rain. I had a child cover it with a tarp and then I called my BFF, Alden. She came over to help move it and this is as far as we got.

Once we got it down the steps we realized that we couldn't get it in the door. I left it outside overnight and decided to tackle the project today.

I took the table apart piece by piece. It took me over an hour and a half to get it to the point where we could move it in the house.
It took forever to get this one screw out.
Kellen played Guitar Hero while I worked! Nothing like a seven year old playing Highway to Hell by ACDC.

Finally, the table is in the door!

We've got game!

My Mom rocks. Now you'll have to excuse her-
she needs to go kick some butt in air hockey!

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