Sunday, September 12, 2010

Calling All Letter Writers

To all of my blog readers...

Please help me out...These beautiful young girls are undergoing cancer treatment and would love to receive mail from you! They have to spend a lot of time away from their friends and families, and getting mail makes their days!

This is Cami. Read about Cami's story here.


And this is Millie. Read about her journey with childhood cancer here.


Please take a moment to send a postcard or a letter! Leave me a comment and I will email you their addresses! Thank you internet!


Anonymous said...

Send those addresses my way!!

Denny said...

Please send us the addresses.
Grandmom and Denny

junniebugg44 said...

Looking forward to those addresses!!
Love,Gram & Chris

Anonymous said...

Kim, send me addresses...hope some child will be as excited as my Maggie was with her cards and letters when she needed them. Thanks. Judy K.

Anh said...

This sunflower looks amazing? How exactly can I get there? And do you think the sunflowers will still look this good this weekend? Thanks so much!

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