Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm In T-shirt Hell

Several months ago, I found this project at Skip To My Lou and thought it was so fun to do that I volunteered to do the end of the year t-shirt for Kellen and Ammy's class. Their mascot is a raccoon so I thought I was going to do 24 raccoon stencils per shirt (one for each kid in the class) and the kids would each paint their shirts and then sign everyone else's shirt in the class. I quickly changed my mind the day before when I started to make the stencils and realized that I would have to make 576 stencils in less than 24 hours.

On to Plan B. I decided to make 24 large raccoon stencils and then have the kids paint their handprints on each shirt as raccoon tracks. Brilliant if I do say so myself!
That is until we started working and it took us FOREVER to do the fronts of the shirts.

Then is was on to Plan C. We decided to just do handprints on the front of the shirts. We couldn't leave the backs blank so I printed each child's name on iron on transfers and put them on the backs of the shirts.
Then we had the kids sign their names on the backs of each shirt.The finished product! We have our Spring Fling tomorrow and the entire class will wear their shirts.


M said...

Ohhh what a nice mom to help make all of those! The handprints look just like raccoon tracks...what a cool idea! I'll bet they look great when everyone is wearing them!

Natalie said...

GAH! Don't you hate it when you totally misjudge timing on a craft and it's a nightmare? I think the shirts turned out great with the "revised" plan!

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