Thursday, May 7, 2009

When Life Gets In The Way

I have been away for awhile.  My computer crashed and is currently at Best Buy being repaired by a Geek Squad member.  I cannot wait to get it back!

I've been busy in my absence.  This weekend, we are going to Philadelphia to celebrate Mother's Day with Tony's side of the family.  With 7 nieces and nephews on that side alone, there are always a couple of birthdays to celebrate too.  This little monkey is turning 4.  He is a busy bee 
so I had a lot of fun picking out a present that would keep his interest (at least I hope it will)
Target has the cutest gardening stuff for little kids.  I lOVE this cow line. We bought the gloves.
We bought these adorable rain boots.  I apologize in advance if he wants to wear them all the time, but really, is there anything cuter than a young boy in rain boots on a sunny day?

I put it all together in a bucket with a shovel, rake and sunflower seeds.

The close-up view of the bucket with all the loot.

I made the cow bucket.  I just printed his name in a cow spot font and then I found cow spots that I could trace on google.  What ever did we do before the internet existed? Gotta love those sharpies too.
It's also this guy's birthday too!  He looks guilty, doesn't he?  This picture was taken on Easter when he was pulling the Golden Egg out of my gas tank.  Great hiding spot thanks to my older boys. His present is almost done and I will post pictures soon.
Finally, the last thing I've been working on is a Girls' Weekend Cookbook.  For the past several years, a bunch of women from Baltimore go to Bethany Beach and stay for a weekend.  Two women own houses and each night a different house hosts the "PARTY".  All the people staying at the house provide appetizers, desserts, beverages and breakfast. I have compiled recipes and have been trying to put together a cookbook for 2 years.  I have finally accomplished making the first one...well sort of, it still needs ribbon and a few additional embellishments, but it's mostly done.  We are going next weekend and I need to finish a total of 16-the first one is always the hardest!  When it is totally finished, I will post pics.
Check back tomorrow for Where You Live Friday.

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