Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Could Just Throw Up

My plan was to come here today and post pictures of the past 24 hours of fun. Yesterday, we had our annual Spring Fling and the kids wore their raccoon t-shirts. I took over 400 pictures of the class to include in my end of year slide show and the teacher's scrapbook. Really, really, really good pictures. I spent about 10 hours yesterday finishing the lacrosse coaches' gifts and gifts for the kids on the team. I made each coach a large collage frame with pictures of all of the kids and team shots throughout the season. For each child, I made a cd with all of the pictures that I had taken of that child throughout the season. Each cd had a picture along with the child's name and number as the cover. I took pictures of all of the gifts so that I could post them here. Before I left for the game today, I took my card out of my camera and put it in my computer. I later grabbed it and stuck it back in my camera. When I got to the field, I erased the card so that I could take pictures during the game (because I got the card out of my computer which means I had transferred them, right? See where I am going with this?) I got on the computer to update and the pictures are not on my computer. OMG, I erased all of my pictures from yesterday! &***#$@#*

So, here is a picture of one of the wrapped coach's gifts. The back of the tag says, "Thanks Coach" and all of the kids signed each tag.
Presenting the coaches with their gifts. You can appreciate the size of each frame from this picture.

Everyone seeing the frames for the first can get a general idea of what the frames looked like.
Shots from the game today. Kellen is the little guy in red. Ouch!
Getting ready to hit the biggest player on the other team...what the heck do they feed these kids?
Going in for contact.
Bouncing off the tank.
Kellen promptly landed on the ground after this picture. (We didn't manage to capture that)

I feel your pain buddy, I feel your pain!


Shawna said...

Oh lordy, you are one busy mamma!

I can only say two things:

From a daughter who's mother was the classroom parent who always brought in food, organized the teacher presents, made it to every field trip, etc., I know that your children will greatly greatly appreciate the fact that you are there for them right now! I look back and am so proud of her involvement in my childhood because I saw so many kids whose parents were always too busy working to come watch the school play or the volleyball game...

Secondly, as a picture zealot, I know how terrible losing 400+ pictures is!!! I empathize completely.


M said...

I feel your picture pain! I have done that before...and somehow I just don't learn!!

What wonderful coaches gifts and lacrosse pics! You are the best...overachieving mom is a correct title!!!

Natalie said...

Oh,that stink about losing the pics, but the coach gifts look so cool!

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