Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Little Piggies

I spent some time going through some old photos yesterday and came across these beauties. When we lived in our old house, our dog tore up the back yard. She was a digger and left holes all over the yard. Really nice when it rained.


One day, Ammy and Kellen were determined to play in the puddle. I gave up trying to keep them out of it and this is what took place. (Just so you know, I would never have allowed my first, second or third children to do this!)


Despite the number of bows I have put in her hair or the dresses I have made her wear, Ammy has never been a girly-girl.


She had a ball playing in the mud.


And to think that he had no idea why I wouldn't pick him up!



M said...

Ohhh nothing like playing in the mud! My relatives were apalled when I let my kids play in the mud in UT when they were about that age...they had so much fun...and we were on vacation afterall!

Happy Fall,

Kari @ p.s. said...

I think it's beautiful! What fun for the piggies :o)

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