Friday, March 19, 2010

College Visit #2: Wake Forest

Wake Forest has a beautiful campus. We took an official tour (it turned out that another girl from Tristan's class was on the tour with us) and spent some time walking around the campus.


The buildings were really nice...well except for the dorms...the dorm rooms were really tiny.


The dining hall was unbelievable. The food looked amazing for dining hall food. These kids have no idea what we ate when we were in college!


They have great sports teams at Wake and a real sense of school spirit--after every win, the students tp the trees in the main quad! (Hhhmm....maybe that's why tuition is so expensive...they have to buy a lot of toilet paper!)


Tristan was excited to find out that they have a Subway on campus that stays open until 3 a.m.!


M said...

Oh my that is a beautiful campus! We are doing the college thing right now too...yikes!


Natalie said...

Oh how that makes me want to go to college again! And of course, be young again. . .

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