Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm A Little Swamped!

Sorry I've been out of touch lately...

I have a lot on my plate.

Can you say...
  • Easter dinner for 24 at my house
  • French exchange student arrives on 4/5 for two weeks (it is our responsibility to make sure he has the time of his life)
  • Major fundraising event for elementary school on 4/10-- I am the chair
  • 100 person farewell party for the french students and their host families
  • Trip to Austin, TX for 5 days
  • Allie's middle school play the day we return
  • Bridal Shower for 60 at my house
  • Mother's Day
  • Trip to Bahamas (feel sorry for me) for a wedding
Calgon...Take me away!


Stefunkc said...

My word! You are quite a busy person! Happen to have a layover in OKC on the way to Austin??

Kimberly said...

knew reentry would suck! Miss you lots and can't wait to see you in Tx. Let's get massages when we're there to decompress! I'm off tomorrow to BHI!!

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