Saturday, June 26, 2010

A New Obsession: Landscapers Lunch

In an effort to get my kids off the couch and myself away from the computer this summer, we have started geocaching. My friend, Kimberly, started geocaching about a month ago and blogged about her addiction here. She promised I would love it and she was right!

Geocaching (for those of you who don't know) is a worldwide game of hide and seek. A geocacher (anyone who plays this game) can hide a geocache (a container) and pinpoint its hiding spot with a GPS. The hider share the geocaches and its location online and then anyone with a gps device (that would be us) can find it. The coolest thing is that I can use my phone to play this game. (Download the Geocaching by Groundspeak app)

For our first trek into the geocaching world, we went in search of Landscaper's Lunch. We had to go about 80 feet into the woods near a local convenience store.


We kept walking around in circles until Kellen happened upon this. Our first geocache find!


Kellen opened up the geocache and found the log inside. We wrote our geocache name (Meagher7) and the date that we found the geocache. Inside were several small items. It is my understanding that in some geocaches there are trackable bugs and geocoins. These items have numbers on them and can be tracked from cache to cache online. Other items can be taken as long as you replace them with another item. Since Kellen found this one, he got to choose which item to take. He took a wooden cross.


We are officially addicted...

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