Friday, January 23, 2009


Today, we had a floater. Tyler's fish, McMuffin, was no longer swimming. We kept hoping that he would come back from the dead like King Titus did, but no such luck.

Ammy and Kellen decided that we needed to have a proper burial for "McMuffin"
We gathered in the bathroom to say our last goodbyes. The master of ceremonies gave everyone a change to speak .
Kellen, a boy of few words, managed to eek out, "Goodbye McMuffin."
Ammy did the honors of pouring McMuffin into his final resting place.
And Kellen gave the final flush.
Goodbye McMuffin. I wonder how long it will take before Tyler realizes that you are gone.

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TheBMillers said...

At least McMuffin fit down the toilet, we buried our pacu of 8 years! He was too big to flush, to big to drain and to big to toss.. so he went under - it was a sad day for my hubby.


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