Friday, January 30, 2009

My Baby Has Got It Going On

Before I had children I used to look at parents whose kids dress like mine and swear that my children would never leave the house looking that way. And I admit, they didn't back when I only had several children. And back when I still dressed them and they didn't care. Then they grew up and got opinionated. And I had a couple more of them.

I used to have some standards. Apparently, I no longer do...
This picture was taken at the bus stop the other morning. I must have been so happy that they were going to school that I never looked at what my daughter was wearing before we left the house. As we waited for the bus, I noticed that Ammy's leggings were too short and her legs were hanging out. Wouldn't be too bad except it was about 25 degrees. She likes to wear these brown leggings with a grey skort with a rhinestone red heart on it.
Then she added this purple shirt over a blue and white long-sleeved shirt. I have a rule that they can wear t-shirts to school in the winter, but they have to wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath. This shirt is Ammy's favorite new shirt in honor of Joe Flacco, the Ravens Quarterback. I bought if for Allie but it was too big and didn't fit her the way she wanted it to (See, she's opinionated). Ammy jumped on the opportunity to snag the shirt. Now she wears it ALL the time. It's very long on her. In fact, it covers up the skort unless she moves a certain way.
Okay, how 'bout them chucks? They were from her Halloween costume this past year. She wears them constantly...with everything. Except for when she is wearing her white fur boots.
Ammy loves Joe Jonas. She had to have this messenger bag at the start of school. She wouldn't use it for the first month of school after Allie made fun of her. Luckily, she spilled a drink in her other backpack and she had to use the messenger bag. She's never looked back.
Put it all together and it's quite a look don't you think? My baby's got it going on!
Hey people, she's my fifth child...I'm just happy she's dressed.


M said...

Love the pics!
The best thing about kindergarten is when the kids dress themselves...and the parents let them come to school that way! They are usually very pround- and even more so are the girls when they do their own hair!

Nate's Mom said...

I absolutely love it! Having all boys, the choices are pretty limited around here. Everything goes with a pair of jeans. Like M, I love to see what kids come up with they dress themselves. Thanks for sharing.

Sheri in CA

Nate's Mom said...

Kim ~ You have an award on my blog!

Sheri in CA

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