Friday, January 23, 2009

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Apparently letter writing is a very big deal in second grade.

Recently, I found a bunch of letters that Kellen and Ammy have written over the past month or so and they are too funny. The first couple were written before Christmas to be given after Christmas.

The next letter was the front and back of a postcard that Kellen wrote for his friend, Chase. Chase will be moving to North Carolina in the coming weeks and Kellen is totally bummed.

Not sure what happened to the dude in the middle. Love the faces on his people--especially all the teeth since so many of them at this age, have no front teeth.
I think letters are such a neat keepsake. I used to be a great letter writer when I was growing up and when I was first in college. I used to love getting mail and I saved my letters for years. Occasionally I would pull them out and reread them. They have since been lost in one of my moves, but I still have letters that my grandfather sent me after my grandmother died. He has since passed away, but it makes me happy to have this small part of him to remember him by.
So, that leads me to another resolution for 2009. I plan to send a letter a week to someone in my life. I figure if I put it out there then I will follow through!
Have a great weekend.
Another funny thing I found...I was cleaning the twins room when I found a stack of my checks under Kellen's bed. He was writing checks to his friends on my REAL checks. I wasn't too worried since he wrote on the checks with red colored pencil. If you look closely, you can see he made the check out to Luke for $50,00. When I asked him about writing a $50,000 check he told me he meant to make it for 5 million dollars! Sorry Luke, but today is not your lucky day.

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Nate's Mom said...

Love this post. Gotta love the thinking at this age, and the fact that they write stuff down, for us to save until they are old enough to be embarrassed by them. I may have to borrow this idea for a blog. Jacob's letters to me lately tend to fall along the lines of, "Why do you not love me anymore. You are trying to kill me" etc, just because I expect him to finish his homework without getting another snack, or a 15th drink, or whatever other distraction. Thanks for sharing.

Oh and the checks...I'd be happy with $50,000, lol.

Sheri in CA

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