Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cooking On The Hot Rock

Yesterday was the end of Ammy's basketball season. Tyler and Tony coached Ammy's team this year and had a lot of fun.To celebrate, we decided to cook on the Hot Stone. We were introduced to Hot Stone cooking seven years ago and we try to do it a couple of times a year. It's a very social way of eating and the kids love it. You put the Hot Stone in a 500 degree oven for a half an hour. Then you move it to the center of your table. You place sternos under it to keep it warm throughout the time you are cooking. Add a little bit of butter on top and you can cook just about anything on it...beef, chicken, seafood, veggies etc.

Last night we had filet, asparagus, portebello mushrooms, zucchini,
shrimp that we marinated in a chile lime sauce, sushi grade tuna and scallops. I also made bernaise sauce and a horseradish sauce for the filet.

To order a Hot Stone, go to . They also have a bunch of different recipes that you can try.


M said...

Congrats to the girls...the photo is soooo cute!

Your cooking reminds me of "Buddy Burners" we made with day campers years ago. We would use a giant can from restaurants, and make a sterno with tuna/cat food cans and cook breakfast on our final day of camp....we would remove a small circle of bread from the middle of one slice, butter it and put it on the top can with an egg in the middle of the hole we made. Then we'd add a slice of ham and turn it over when it was 1/2 cooked. The kids loved it....not quite as yummy as your meal!

Natalie said...

Do you think these hot stones are the fondue pots of our generation? Very cool!

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