Monday, February 16, 2009


Yesterday, the first stage of the Amgen Tour of California rode through downtown Calistoga. Two days ago we heard that Lance wasn't riding in it. (My source was a waiter in a restaurant that I over heard talking to two of his buddies) Yesterday at our first wine tasting, we heard that he was indeed riding. We had time to kill between lunch and our afternoon wine tour and tasting so we decided to hang out and watch the race come through town. People lined the streets of downtown. The weather as you can see was wet and cold. As a result, the riders were over 45 minutes late coming through.
I just knew that Lance would be the first one to ride through. Afterall, he's the best in the world right? Well, I was wrong (and the poor guy had his bike stolen so he definitely wasn't on his game) This guy was the first one to come through and he was 10 minutes ahead of the competition.
Lance wasn't second or third either. He was in this group though. The bulk of the riders in the race came through at the same time. It was a total blur of bodies and bicycles. I heard Lance was wearing all black. Maybe this is him. Maybe not. This is what the majority of my pictures looked like...just a blur.
This is the video that Tony took with his Blackberry Bold. It's pretty cool. If you figure out which one is Lance, please let me know.

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Natalie said...

I'm sitting here watching the race right now! Good luck trying to pick someone out. Ever since Eamonn crashed and broke his red helmet, I can't even pick him out of the peloton anymore! I need to see them on a mountain climb when they're going -10 MPH!

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