Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday

I am on the Youth and Family Ministry committee at church and I was in charge of the decorations for the annual Pancake Supper. I had a lot of fun buying decorations. We had purple and green tablecloths--they were sold out of gold when I went two days before the event. We hold the event in the Great Hall of the church, which I might add, is the ugliest space for an event EVER!

I found a Mardi Gras Scene Setter...I love these things! We pinned it to the curtain on the stage and it gave us a slight New Orleans feel.
We made masks...

We had Mardi Gras placemats for the kids and the adults. Placemats included a word jumble, info about King Cakes, and a Mardi Gras trivia quiz.

And we had King Cakes with plastic babies inside. Oh, and I made 200 pancakes before the event even started. If I never see another pancake, it will be too soon!

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