Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm Beginning to See a Trend...and What We Do For Fun

It snows and we have yet another great look from my daughter, the fashionista. Today we bring you the required leggings with a skort and her white fur boots. The fur boots look like a dirty wet dog (and they smell like one too!)
The thing I love most is her confidence. She has her own sense of style and she's sticking with it.
Now, onto other foolishness in our house...

Last week we had an ice storm and the snow that was on the ground became covered with ice. We have a hill in our front yard that we sled down when it snows. Since it was covered with ice, Allie and her friend decided that they would slide down it...without sleds. Because, that would be the bright thing to do.
And it was great fun until they hit the bottom.

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