Monday, February 8, 2010

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

This is the main road that I live off of. It is fairly clear.


This is my driveway. It is not.


My friend came and took me to the grocery store today. I think she was worried about my state of mind. Anyway, I walked up to the top of the drive and she picked me up. I bought enough groceries to last for the rest of the week if necessary. She dropped me back at the top of the drive and Operation Feed the Meaghers went into full swing.

We loaded up our sleds with the groceries and pulled them down to the house.


It was a lot harder than it looks. I didn't document the tipped sleds, the food on the ground or the fallen bodies.


When we got to our hill in front of the house, Ammy slid down with a bag of groceries.


Then we sent a sled down by itself.


Then another. (sorry the video is sideways--I don't know how to change the orientation)

School has been canceled for Tuesday and Wednesday.



Nate's Mom said...

That is just crazy. Definately a memorable family experience. Glad you had the camera with you! I'm loving your snow stories!

Beautiful snow. Glad I don't live where it snows. We make our annual trek to play in it! Then we come home, lol.

Sheri in CA

momx3 said...

OMG! we got nothing but wet, not frozen drizzle! kids in school today but will probably be out tomorrow. I did get a new kitchen table and part of my room painted so not doing too bad!

Stefunkc said...

I love this! First of all, thank goodness for friends! And second, thank goodness for child labor!

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