Saturday, February 20, 2010


After all the snow, I am feeling the need to revisit my vacation! After our Shafer tasting, we headed over to Hall in St. Helena.


They also have a vineyard dog.


This was our tasting guide, Scott. He was pretty fun and we got to taste all of these wines in the picture. (Yes, there were 10 of them)


Cheers! All of their reds were good; although, I prefered their premium Cabernets. I am usually a Chardonnay girl, but I'm working on branching out.


I loved this vase filled with corks. (I'm sure it didn't take them long to fill it up) The tasting room at Hall was small, but decorated with really neat lighting and artwork that has been featured on their labels.


So, while it wasn't as good as the Shafer tasting, it was worth the visit.


M said...

Hey when were you in Napa? How fun! I had this week off adn went to San Luis O to visit my daughter for 3 days. Then home to actually do "nothing!" It felt soooo good.

The masks and hats are cool!

momx3 said...

Don't forget he broke H's credit card! I also thought about revisiting but have to finish the cruise first-which was so much fun!!!

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