Monday, July 19, 2010

Sugar Overload

Tristan's 18th birthday was this past weekend so we had a party for him yesterday. Family from as far away as North Carolina came, as well as family members that we rarely see. I have wanted to do a candy bar for a long time and I figured this event with tons of kids would be the perfect opportunity.

Allie made the golf hole cupcakes. She was going to do a golf hole out of multiple cupcakes like The Funambulist Damsel, but it looked like too much work! Instead, I googled images of golf hole cupcakes and then she created these. Green frosting, a black dot, a small spinkle for a gold ball and a red flag that she made out of paper and toothpicks. Ammy added the number 18 to all of the flags.

At 2 a.m. I came up with the idea to use astro turf for the base of the buffet. I purchased this lovely indoor/outdoor carpet at Lowes. I was going to cut it to fit the top of the table, but we liked the way it looked hanging down.


Kellen, Allie, Ammy and I picked out the candy at Fresh Market. They have M & M's and jelly beans separated by color. I wanted to use colors that you would see at a golf course (green for fairways and greens, white for balls and sand, blue for water) .
The lollypops, pixie sticks and gold coins were just extras!
We used a bunch of vases, mason jars and candle sticks to put the candy in.

"Look out Mom/Aunt Kim! We are all sugared up and we have silly string!"


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Amanda@The Hand Me Down House said...

What a cute way to display a sugary spread! Love the golf theme - it turned out so cute!

Thanks so much for your lovely comments ~ they make my day!! :)

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