Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Well...Mom Don't Read!

My mom's birthday was back in October. Since I haven't seen her, I haven't been able to give her the gift that my brother's family and I have put together for her. I took a class at Big Picture Scrapbooking and the first assignment was to put together a gift bag full of things that we love and then give it to someone. I asked my brother and sister-in-law for some of their favorite things and this is what we all came up with.

Anyone who has seen this site knows that I love this cookbook. Every recipe I have tried has been great.

My brother loves Scor bars. Boy are they hard to find. I finally found them at 7-Eleven!

These are my all time favorite candy. They are sea salt caramels and they are to die for. I would eat the entire bag if they were for me. Bonus is that some of the proceeds are donated to cancer research and efforts that heighten public awareness of cancer associated problems.

My favorite Merlot (actually the only Merlot I like)...Henry's Passion. I bought a case a few weeks ago. There are only 59 cases left in Maryland and once they are gone, the wine is no more.

My sister-in-law's favorite coffee. It's very bold (and stinky if you ask me being that I don't like coffee)

We included a cd that my husband put together for my daughter, Allie. She went away for a week and he made it and gave it to her upon her return. I happen to think that it's one of the nicest, most meaningful things that he has ever done.
Songs include:
All That Matters by Addison Road
Unbreakable by Fireflight
We Live by Superchick
Stand In The Rain by Superchick
Never Alone by BarlowGirl
Set the World on Fire by Britt Nicole
Shine by Krystal Meyers
Mighty to Save by Laura Story
In My Arms by Plumb
I Need You to Love Me by BarlowGirl
You by Britt Nicole
All I Need by Brittany Dillon
Thirteen by The Rubyz

A book from one of my brother's and my favorite authors, David Baldacci.

I put it all together in this great straw basket that I got at Eddie' favorite grocery store.

We will be giving this to her today as we celebrate Thanksgiving. Hope you have a great turkey day! We will be back later with pictures and the results of our Turkey Cook Off. Mom will cook her turkey in the oven and my family will fry ours in the turkey fryer.

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