Monday, November 10, 2008

Mo's ETSY Store

I have been a Mo follower for several years. It started back when her nephew, Jake, had cancer. I used to check on Jake's Caringbridge page all the time and Mo was a constant updater on the site. Mo and her sister, Staci, are very crafty people and I purchased a really cool cross and several necklaces from them. After Jake passed away, Mo started her own blog where she writes about her crafting, her husband, "Todd the Bod", and her two beautiful daughters, Ellie Sue and Gabbi Lou (Ellie's 1 and Gabbi is several months old...when she has time to craft is beyond me...but she does and her stuff is AWESOME) Anyway, she has had several posts about her mini books that she has made and due to the large response she received, she is starting an online class. You can purchase the kit for her first mini-book lesson on ETSY. It's ONLY $30 plus $7 for shipping.

This is what you get in your kit.

Mine shipped today! YEAH! Order as soon as possible because classes start on Mo's blog at the end of the week!

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