Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh, the Irony

This morning, I was supposed to be leaving for five days in Napa Valley, Ca.
Several months ago, Tony turned 45. For his birthday, I planned a surprise (sort of) getwaway. I checked with his secretary and there was nothing on the calendar. I booked the airplane reservations, the car, the activites, the hotel, etc. Then I made a little scrapbook of our plans and presented it to him on his birthday.

We were going to stay at the Cottage Grove Inn in Calistoga.

This was supposed to be us, enjoying a nice breakfast without any children around. Our cottage in the background...

I made spa appointments and we were even going to try a couples mud bath.
I made reservations for the Calistoga Sip N Cycle. I figured we needed to exercise after all of the wonderful dining that we were going to do at Bouchon, 25 Brix, and The Rutherford Grille ...not to mention all of the other fabulous places that we would have found.

I even made reservations for a sunrise hot air balloon ride. (So the scared of heights thing might have been a problem, but the alternative was sky-diving and I took the safer way out.)

Last weekend, Tony found out that he was going to have to go to New York for a trial and we would have to postpone our trip until February.

Yesterday, he found out that one of the witnesses that he needs to meet with before the trial is unavailable until Monday. You'll never believe where he is...


Oh, the irony.

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