Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our Big Adventure

I picked up Kellen and Ammy's friends, Annie and Ben, this morning and we headed into the city for a day of fun.
Our first stop was Port Discovery-a wonderful children's museum.
They have a 3-story climbing tower with rope bridges, tunnels, climbing walls and a zip line.
Kellen on the zip line. Ammy couldn't jump high enough to reach it and the staff won't lift the kids up.
Kellen and Ben climbing through a rope tunnel.
They crossed the Nile in search of clues of a famous pharaoh.
Looking at different clues.
They worked on an assembly line.
There was an entire room of different drums, cymbals and gongs. I think the poor guy who works in this room must leave each night with a terrific headache!
The kids saw a wildlife adventure show with this cute hedgehog.
They also got to see and pet a chinchilla, a bearded dragon, a tortoise, a corn snake and this lovely boa.
They really enjoyed water works, an area where you play with water. They provide the rain coats and crocs if you want them. Kellen loved the lego table. He built a boat and when he stuck it in the water
it did not sink!
There was a gigantic bubble maker. The kids stand inside the ring and pull the rope. The ring raises along with the bubbles. Ammy was able to get it chest high before it popped.
They played with MICA (Maryland Institute and College of Art) students who had invented different toys. They loved building with the cardboard.
They also enjoyed this math game. They would throw two balls onto the numbers on the wall. Then they would add the two numbers together.
They roped cows. (sort of...they seemed to rope each other more)
And they drove a pretend VW bug. Judging from the way they are behaving in the car, the four of them will not be allowed to drive together for some time!
We also went to the ESPN Zone for lunch and games. Then we went back to Port Discovery for a couple more hours of fun. I AM EXHAUSTED! It is time for Sping Break to end!

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M said...

WoW! That place looks like so much fun! You're a cool mom!

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