Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Party and Handprint Lilies

Today I went in to do the craft with Kellen and Ammy's second grade class. Every holiday is celebrated with fun food, crafts and a goody bag. Since you can no longer celebrate Easter in public school, they had a "Spring" party. I decided that we were going to make Handprint Lilies as featured in Family Fun Magazine.
We had the kids trace their handprints three times onto white cardstock. Then they had to cut them out--it's amazing how many second graders are not good at cutting things out. Once they cut out their handprints, we had them curl the paper fingers over a pencil.
We had planned to add leaves, but we didn't have enough time. If you want to add leaves, draw two sets of double leaves on green cardstock. Cut them out and punch a hole in the middle of the leaves. Curl the ends of the leaves over a pencil as well. Slide the leaves up the straw underneath the lily. Repeat with the second set of leaves and secure with tape.
Wrap the hand around the top of a staw and secure it with tape. We taped one end onto the straw before we started wrapping and then we secured it with another piece of tape when we were done wrapping the handprint. I found these really cool straws at Party City. They were heavy plastic and a mixture of green, yellow and clear stripes.
Once they had their three flowers completed, we had them glue a styrofoam ball into a small flower pot. Then they pushed the three flowers into the styrofoam ball. We glued green Easter grass around the top of the pot to cover the styrofoam ball. The we glued a piece of ribbon around the pot.
Voila. Aren't they cute on my mantel?
All of the moms who were at the party loved them. This would be a great craft for Mother's Day as well.

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M said...

...sure look like Easter Lillies to me!!

Thanks for the cute craft idea! I may just use it next week! I can do Easter but cannot talk about why it is a holiday...odd indeed.

I love your big clock on your fireplace!

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