Wednesday, April 1, 2009

All Hell Is Going To Break Loose

I would love to know who taught my kids about April Fool's Day. Apparently it's a really big deal in second grade. The twins came home with grand plans of how they were going to "get" everyone in the house.

I went to get dressed and imagine my surprise when I opened my drawer and found all of these tiny pairs of underwear! Not really...they couldn't keep it a secret last night when they were making the switch and kept asking me if I needed to put on clean underwear to go to bed.
I am a total night person and I need a lot of sleep or else everyone suffers. Tony gets the kids up in the morning and then I get out of bed right before they need to leave for school. The big kids leave at 7:40 and I take the little ones at 8:25. As soon as Allie went to school, the twins got to work.
They completely trashed her room while I was sleeping! 2 rolls of toilet paper adorn her room as well as a bunch of yarn that she uses for weaving.
It's in her bed, in drawers, on the floor, pinned up on her bulletin board. You get the picture.
They left a voice changer message underneath Kellen's new cup (that is really going to put Allie over the edge) with a note that says Press Play.
And they left this note in her bed. Jake is her friend, but her siblings tease her constantly about him.
I am very afraid for 4:30 to come. I hope the twins have an escape plan. I might need one too when she realizes that I posted a picture of her bed with Incredibles sheets on it.

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