Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crafting With Ammy


Every Tuesday, Ammy's friend, Oona comes over after school for a couple of hours and recently (on Tuesday morning) I decided that I was going to do a craft with the girls each week. Edie at Life in Grace is currently hosting 12 days of handmade Christmas and so far (we're on day 5), she has posted some really fun projects. I purchased all of the necessary materials and went to pick the girls up from school.


Unfortunately, Oona didn't end up coming home with us that day so Ammy was left to her own devices.The project for the day was to create coasters using rubber stamps and different colors of ink. I have made coasters in the past using scanned artwork and I love them; however this project was easy enough that Ammy could do it by herself.


And by herself, she did it. I came down and she had whipped out about 30 of them.


One of my favorites.


I need to spray them with varnish and then we will wrap them with pretty ribbon and give them as Christmas gifts.


Natalie said...

I see the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree!

And the boys have a cousin Oona! Not a name you hear every day!

Tiaras said...

these are really cool - what are those - tiles??

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