Sunday, November 22, 2009

Goodbye To My Little Red Car

For my 40th birthday, Tony surprised me with this sporty red car. It was a really fun car, but not exactly the car to tote 5 kids around, or grocery shop, or drive in the winter. It was great for Girls' Weekends at the beach though!


When Tristan started driving, he drove Tony's car and Tony started driving the little red car. He's been driving it for 7 months now and winter is coming...supposedly we are going to get a lot of snow this year and the little red car is not good in the snow. (Also, I think that when a guy drives a red convertible, it screams mid-life crisis in the biggest way!)

Earlier this week, my birthday present (with my encouragement) was traded in for this...


Life is SO not fair.

Note: several people thought that Tony replaced my red car with this new one. This is Tony's new car and my little red car was traded in for it.

1 comment:

Stefunkc said...

I'd take either one!

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