Monday, November 30, 2009

I Have A New Passion

While on vacation, my friend Kimberly taught me how to knit. We found a yarn shop in Charlottesville and bought the coolest yarn to make scarves. We spent the entire time knitting--even while we were standing outside watching the guys fry the turkey.


My first attempt at knitting...


We took a picture of our almost finished projects right before we left.


I have finished knitting my scarf--now I just need to learn how to cast off. God bless the internet! (and all the people in my life who are knitters!)


momx3 said...

I am so glad you love it!! I had a blast doing it together! I am going looking for that yarn tomorrow.

Nate's Mom said...

Someday I am going to learn to knit. I even bought needles and searched the internet. No luck. I do crochet. I usually make scarves for the kids' teachers for Christmas. Last year Jacob wanted to learn; instead of teaching him to crochet (he was 8), I bought him a knitting loom. He loves it. He made me and his teacher both scarves. That would be fun for the Tues girls. Just a thought. I love checking out the crafts the girls are doing.

Sheri in CA

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