Sunday, November 1, 2009

Spike, Ray Ray and Lady Liberty

This year, Ammy decided that she wanted to be a puppy. We found the puppy headband at Michaels and then I made felt spots and wonder-undered them to a white sweatsuit.


We got a dog collar and she made the dog tag. One side said, "Spike" and the other said, "If lost, call _____"


Kellen was sick and missed his school party. He wanted to be Michael Vick so that he could walk with his sister. (He is wise beyond his years and has a wicked sense of humor). After a discussion about what was and was not appropriate he went as Raven, Ray Lewis. (Not sure that Ray's a better role model!)


Allie* went as the Statue of Liberty. We just used her foam hat and bought a green sweatsuit at Target. All around an easy Halloween!


*She is still refusing to smile because of the braces...GGGRRRRR!

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Natalie said...

Michael Vick! OK, that's hilarious! Great costumes!

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