Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This Is Just Wrong...Very Funny, but Wrong

I was in Reston last week and there was a Paper Source store there. I am a sucker for all things paper and I just had to go in. I found all sorts of fun gifts (for myself and for others) The first thing I bought is a Fringe Flower Kit. I am in charge of the craft for the twins' Spring Party on Thursday and I thought they might be fun to make -- and they would be if we had a week to make them).

As I was paying for my gifts, I looked up and saw this in a box by the counter.

It is a pencil sharpener. You stick the pencil in the cat's rear end and it meows while you sharpen the pencil. The pencil shavings land in the "litter box" tray. I had to have it. I planned to give it to someone as a gift (I had yet to decide who was going to be the lucky recipient of this charming gift); however, it kept speaking to me from across the room. I opened it and used it for the first time today. I can tell you that it is a great pencil sharpener, but there is something really sick about hearing it meow while you are sharpening the pencil. Really, really sick.

I went to the website of the maker of the sharp-end pencil sharpener and guess what...

You can get a dog! Now, that is just wrong.

By the way, Ammy found the cat...


M said...

oH MY GOSH THAT'S TOO FUNNY...NOT JUST THE SHARPENER BUT aMMY! Her teacher must just love her!

Natalie said...

HILARIOUS! Did I ever write about how Eamonn tried to run over a cat on our first date? I'll need to track one of those down for him!

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