Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Charlie Brown Christmas Trees

A week ago I was in my favorite store in Hampden, Red Tree, and saw awesome decorations that I just had to copy. They had taken all different size mason jars and hurricanes and planted fir tree seedlings in them. They were placed in groups of 3 and 5 all over the store and they were really fun! I asked where to get the seedlings, and they directed me to www.nurseryman.com. I ordered Douglas Fir seedlings, tracked down mason jars (harder than you think!) and put the twins to work on the coldest day this past week. (read, lots of complaining!)



They finished the task for me--do you think I have enough?


I thought something was missing, so I added burlap around the jars and attached a charm with a sheer ribbon bow.


Now, I have them all over my house and plan to give them to everyone who visits over the holidays. One of my favorite things about these gifts is that the seedlings can be planted in the yard once you tire of using them as a decoration.



Stefunkc said...

So cute! Sure wish I could drop by your house soon:)

jenn said...

Another great idea! Perfect gifts!

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