Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ornaments and Paper Villages


I am THAT mom who loves to do the craft project at all of the class parties. I have been involved with the twins' classes since Kindergarten and I have gotten the reputation as being "the crafty mom". Crafting with Oona started out as a way to have fun on Tuesdays and now has taken on a life of its own-other kids have found out about it and they want to come and participate. I am thinking about starting a craft club for the girls beginning in January so I decided to invite another girl in Ammy's class over yesterday. Enter Olivia! (and actually, Oona missed yesterday because she was under the weather.)

Being that I am THAT mom, I am always on the lookout for crafts that would be fun and easy to do with large groups of kids. Earlier this week, I was over at Kelly's Korner and she posted about ornaments that she made last year. I had a bunch of clear glass ornaments left over from last year so I bought several bags of paper shred (Michaels carries large bags of paper shred, but I found small bags at Target in their gift wrap section for 99 cents) and the girls went to town.

Apparently, we like to craft while sitting on top of the table.

These ornaments were super easy to make. All you do is stuff the ornament with the paper shred until it is full. We used a chop stick to push the shred through the little hole. Then we put the top back on and attached some ribbon.


Then adorn with stickers to personalize.


Some of the finished ornaments.


Since the first craft was super easy, I pulled out another craft from my closet--I bought these several years ago and thought the girls would have fun making them. I just did a google search and it appears that you can no longer get these kits. I ordered them from Paper Source. They do have a bunch of neat paper projects like an Amaryllis Flower Kit, a Poinsettia Wreath Kit, a Gingerbread House Kit, and a Mini Bauble Ornament Kit just to name a few.


The girls totally got into decorating the villages. The neatest thing is that they fold up into a card and you can send the village to someone.


Happy Crafting!

P.S. See how pretty the paper shred ornaments look on the tree!


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Nate's Mom said...

I love both of those crafts, especially the ornaments. We made Christmas cards a few years ago. I bought red cards from Michaels and let the kids cut tall triangles from a variety of green scrapbbook paper. They arranged them (as trees) on the front of the card and decorated them with stickers, sequins, glitter, etc. I took pictures when they did it and put the best one inside. These were the best cards and everyone loved them.

Sheri in CA

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