Sunday, June 14, 2009

10 Miles

Yesterday, Tony and I took the twins to the NCR Trail for a bike ride. The older kids stayed at home since they had been up all night on Friday for a church lock-in. We rode 10 miles without a complaint. We had a blast. Kellen could not stop smiling as he was pumped about his new bike. (after previous difficulty with Tyler's old bike, we ended up getting him a new one)
Ammy was happy to take a short break.
Still smiling!
Hanging with mom on the trail. We rode together most of the way.Pedaling hard.
Dad and Kellen riding ahead of us.
We saw lots of flowers along the way.
And horses.
And chickens. We stopped at the store and these chickens were in cages.

We got snowballs for the kids.
Lime. They were awful. How does one mess up a snowball?
Out cold on the way home. A successful day from start to finish.
Stay tuned for more bicycling adventures this summer.

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