Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What I Do In My Spare Time

I have spent the last two days preparing for the twins' end of year party. I have completed a 60-page scrapbook for Kellen and Ammy's teacher and 24 copies of the second grade slideshow.
This year, the room mother wanted each of the kids to write a sentence about what they liked about each of the other kids in the class. She compiled the responses for each child and gave them a laminated sheet at the party today. I designed the scrapbook based on the answers that the kids gave for their teacher, Mrs. Solli.Each student had a 2 page spread in the scrapbook. On one page, there were two 4 x 6 photos, the child's name and the child's sentence about Mrs. Solli.
On the other page was an 11 x 14 picture of the child.
I also included a page for each of the holiday parties and the field trips.
I made the teacher cry! Yea! My job is done.
Here is what the kids wrote for Ammy:

Cooper: She is really nice.
Crosby: She has a great laugh.
Chase: She has a lot of friends.
Elizabeth: She's great at cheering people up.
Andrew: You have a great expression when you play video games.
Nicholas: She is quiet.
Margot: She is happy.
Maryanne: One thing I like about Ammy is that she is a great friend to have.
Kellen: I love her.
Annie: She's good at crafts.
Ben: She's fun to play air hockey with.
Olivia: She is silly.
Priscilla: I can trust her.
Isabel: She's a leader, gets people's attention and is loud.
Oona: She's active, funny and a good friend.
Georgia: She plays fun games.
Jonah: She stands up for other people when bullies are bothering them. (Yea Ammy!)

And Kellen's List:

Cooper: He's cool.
Crosby: He's athletic.
Chase: He likes to play lacrosse and is a good player.
Elizabeth: He's great at sports.
Andrew: You're my greatest friend.
Nicholas: He's one of my favorites.
Margot: He is playful.
Maryanne: One thing I like about Kellen is that he is very funny.
Ammy: He is cool.
Annie: He's thoughtful. (She wants to marry him)
Ben: He taught me how to play Rune Scape.
Olivia: He knows a lot.
Priscilla: He's not afraid to do new things.
Isabel: He's goofy.
Oona: He's goofy, playful and active.
Darby: We like to play legos together.
Christopher: He is strong.
Georgia: He is talented.
Jonah: He's funny, cool and has a lot of friends.

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Nate's Mom said...

I love the scrapbook idea. I might borrow that another year. This year I didn't even get the teachers' "bought" gifts on time. We went to the school, the day after school got out, to take them their gifts. We caught one teacher there and left the other in the teacher's box. Bad mommy. But, in my defense, I had two kids graduate and a birthday this week...
Sheri in CA

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