Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sunset Cruise

We have been on vacation in Isle of Palms, South Carolina since Saturday. On Monday night, we took a sunset cruise through the intercoastal waterway. This pelican was diving right in front of our boat.
Beak first into the water. For some beautiful pelican pictures and some pelican facts, go here.
We went out to Capers Island. There is a lot of driftwood on the island that has been bleached by the sun over time so that it looks like whale bones. There were many beautiful shells on the island and the twins most of their time collecting them.The day that we went out, the tide was the highest that it gets all year. (something about the new moon) Anyway, we had a limited amount of time on the island because the island was quickly becoming covered with water.
Allie took this picture of the two of us.
After exploring the island, we got back on the boat in search of dolphins. We saw many and they were showing off for us.Kellen and Ammy looking for dolphins off the side of the boat. I love how he has his arm around her.

The sunset.
When we got back, some of the streets were flooded because of the high tide. Yes, we drove through this...this picture was taken from the inside of a van on the way back to the hotel.

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