Monday, June 15, 2009

Au Revoir Mon Fils

Tristan left tonight for a 3-week trip to France. He will be an exchange student, living with a family for 2 weeks, and then he will travel with 23 of his classmates around France. He was allowed to bring one bag and a back pack. Thank God, he is not a girl.
He had plenty of helpers at the airport. Kellen wanted to carry his bag but only made it about 2 steps before he had to put it down.Racing Tyler and Ammy on the people mover.
Tristan and his best friend, Andrew. They have been friends since they were 6. They do not want to go to France at all.
One shot with mom and dad before going through security.
Hanging with Ammy.
Saying goodbye to the twins.
Take me with you Tristan.
Take me with you too!

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Stefunkc said...

But there are girls going on the trip, right? I'm sure they can find a way to get a lot in that one bag! What an adventure!! Can't wait to see and hear more.

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