Monday, June 8, 2009

A Family Bike Ride

Sorry for the lack of updates. After two weeks of strep throat, our entire family (even the adults) had a wicked stomach virus. Then add the end of year festivities, a graduation party,a going away party and a lacrosse tournament and there wasn't much time left for much of anything. I have one more week of commitments and then I am finished for the summer: I have to finish Kellen and Ammy's teacher's scrapbook, the class slideshow and a copy for each student and then organize a congregational dinner at church on Friday night and then I am done!

One thing we did do this past weekend is buy bicycles for Tony, Tristan and me. Ever since the twins learned how to ride without training wheels, they have been begging to take a family bike ride. We decided to bite the bullet and went out on Saturday. I must say that I LOVE my new bike. It is definitely an old lady bike. Similar to a beach cruiser, but with 7 gears. It has a comfort seat too (the best invention ever). I had to have the basket on the front...where else would my camera go on our family bike rides?

Tonight we took our first family bike ride up at Meadowood Park near our house. Here I am on my new ride. Kellen just moved up to Tyler's old bike. It's a little big and weighs a ton. He had a little trouble at first and kept riding off the path.
He finally got the hang of it and enjoyed riding next to Tristan. He is going to miss Tristan next week when he leaves for 3 weeks.
Speedy Ammy was in heaven. She just rode and rode around the park.
We left the park when it was dark and ended the evening with Italian Ice from Ritas.
They are already asking if we can do a family ride again tomorrow night.

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