Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ristorante Italiano de Formaggio

Last Friday, the youth group at our church prepared everything for the annual congregational dinner. As a member of the Youth and Family Ministry committee, I was there to oversee all the preparations. The dinner was held in the Great Hall which must be the ugliest space ever. We were able to totally transform the room in about 8 hours. The kids decided that we would have an Italian themed dinner and named the Great Hall, Ristorante de Fromaggio (They looked up cheesey Italian restaurant and this is the translation they found.)

We were going for an outdoorsy/patio feel so the first thing that the kids did was to make flowers out of tissue paper. They stuffed lattice with the flowers and then added green tissue paper for the leaves.There are a lot of things on the walls in the Great Hall so we decided to cover all of the walls. We used black plastic table coverings that we bought in huge rolls. We cut them to the correct size and then we added grommets to the top. We bought 3m hooks and placed them around the top of the room . Then they hung the plastic on the hooks. The plastic draped and pooled on the floor. When the lights were off, the plastic looked like curtains. It was really an awesome way to cover up the walls without spending a ton of money.
We added christmas lights and red and white checked tablecloths.
Each table had an empty wine bottle with a candle as a centerpiece.
Allie and her friends made Pizelles.
Some of the kids had chef hats and moustaches! Ammy couldn't wait to have a moustache.
We had kids as bartenders serving soda and pellegrino water.
One of the kids was the head chef. He came up with some of the recipes and oversaw the workers in the kitchen.
Some of the kids were greeters.
Some of the kids passed appetizers. We had cantaloupe, mozzarella and prosciutto skewers.
We also passed these kalamata olive and ricotta spread on toasted baguettes appetizers.
The kids plated the courses. The first course was caesar salad, followed by baked ziti and garlic bread. Dessert was Rita's Italian Ice or Pizelles with a cannoli dip.
In between the courses, the youth provided entertainment. Some kids played the piano, sang or played the violin. There was also a slide show that had pictures of all of the youth events from the past year.
And finally, the kids cleaned up everything!
It was a great night!

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