Saturday, June 13, 2009


So up until Wednesday evening, we had this beautiful brick planter up at the top of our driveway. Four of us live off of this driveway and the planter has served as a landmark for all those coming to our houses. (Side note: I got this picture off of Google Maps by entering my address into Google...pretty cool, huh?) Last year, someone hit the planter and took off leaving the top demolished. We all chipped in to have the planter repaired and this week while they were working on the water pipes, the plumbers worked around the planter so as to keep it intact.
Wednesday night, it was raining and two teenage boys in an Audi TT came down the hill on the street across from the planter and lost control. They were lucky enough to miss the telephone pole, but they crashed into the planter. The car flipped and landed on its nose when it came to rest against another pole. Thankfully, neither teenage boy was hurt. Our planter was not so lucky nor was the boy's totaled sports car. The hole where the planter used to be.
Debris from the crash...bricks, tail lights, glass, etc.
The crushed sign post and more debris.
The sign with our house numbers.
Now, I have a really stupid question...Who gives a teenage boy a brand new, $40,000 Audi TT? Is it me, or is that just asking for trouble?

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Stefunkc said...

TOTAL waste of money! But glad no one was hurt:)

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