Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Cousins Are Here!

My nieces, Hannah and Gabrielle arrived today on US Air. My SIL had to pay $100 each way for the girls to be accompanied by an US Air employee through security in Charlotte to the gate in Baltimore. When I got to the airport with three of my five children, I was told that only one of us could go through security to meet them at the gate. Hmmm...who should it be? Being that I am the only one that is old enough to sign for my nieces, guess what...I had to go. I also had to leave my three other children unattended in the airport...I was hot. After all, if those same three children were flying unaccompanied, I would have had to pay $50 per child to have someone "watch" them. Doesn't make much sense. I tried to speak with a supervisor, but she was taking a "bathroom break". Well Gail the supervisor, guess what? You should have come out to speak with me. Now, I'm going to write the head of your company and let him know how helpful you were. That is after, I find the information I need since the incompetent employees of US Air couldn't find the information for customer complaints. I WILL NEVER, NEVER, NEVER FLY US AIRWAYS AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Hannah and Gabrielle, we are so thrilled that you are here.
We did a bunch of fun things today. We took the recycling to the dump...Side note to my brother and his wife...what do you mean that you have never taken your children to the dump? Don't they have dumps in North Carolina? Your daughter seemed to enjoy it!
Then we were off to drop off things at Good Will.
We danced in the car.
and then we went to Target where we found Kellen and Ammy lounging on the couch in the furniture section ( I love Target furniture...a separate post about Target furniture to come soon)
Just an FYI Scott and Michelle, life is so exciting here that they might want to come home early!


Stefunkc said...

You crack me up! Love the things you're taking your neices to do. Exactly what I would!

And about the airline. Good grief. What a hot mess. Hope your letter reaches the right people. And they're not in the bathroom:c)

CL said...

One of those days I'm bummed out I don't live on the east coast anymore. :(

Have fun and say hi to everyone for me.


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