Friday, July 31, 2009

Red Zone Adventures

Because this was in the forecast for today, we decided to go to Red Zone for some vicious games of laser tag. If you've never played before I would highly suggest trying it out. It is so much fun to shoot your own kids. (I'm thinking that it might be fun to have a date night at Red Zone.)
This is not my photo, but one that I "borrowed" from the website. This is what the 6,000 square foot room looks like. There are ramps and bases and obstacles and little hiding places. I couldn't take any pictures inside because I was way too busy shooting my children and complete strangers.
Hannah preparing to break bad on some of her cousins.
God love her, this child should not be allowed to carry a gun. She enjoys it WAY too much! Must get that from her mother!
Isn't he a tough guy? He did beat everyone in the entire game though.
The scores after the first game. I came in 5th...not too bad for an old lady. Just call me Arthas from now on. (Who in the world comes up with these names?)
Taking a drink break before the second game. They were drinking Rock Star--they might be up all night now!
Marjorie called Tristan from France--here he is trying to explain what laser tag is en francais.
After laser tag, we played a round of urban golf.
Then I kicked my son's butt in basketball!
It's been a great day!

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