Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No Hardware This Year

For the past two years, Ammy and Kellen have played in a junior golf tournament at the club where we belong. For their age group, it is a one hole tournament and both of them have either won or come in second in their age groups. (which means coming home with massive trophies).

This year, they moved up into the next age group which meant that they had to hit from farther back than they have previously.

Kellen working on his putts.

Ammy getting ready to practice using her irons on the driving range.
The tournament began at 11:30. Kellen checking out the competition.
Kellen getting ready with his threesome. Who's the big kid in the red shirt? (He ended up winning the age group for 7-9 year olds)
Teeing off on the 3rd hole. He hit a great shot...
too bad it landed in the bunker.
It took him 3 shots to get out of the bunker.
Finally out and approaching the green.
Getting ready to putt.
Making a 2 putt and walking off disappointed. Now he knows what it's like to be Tom Watson.
Ammy getting ready to start her foursome. Her age group was 7-10 this year.
Ammy had her own caddy, her big sister, Allie.
It took her longer to get the ball to stay on the tee than it did to play the hole.
Her first drive was not very successful.
Her second and third shots were better.
Kellen itching to give her advice on her putt.
Watching the big girls putt.
Finally, finishing the hole.
Neither one placed this year. Can you tell they care?
Isn't it great to be a kid?

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