Friday, July 24, 2009

It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses An Eye

Or until someone gets stitches!

Yesterday, three of my kids had friends come over. It was a hot day and they decided they wanted to have a water balloon fight.

They combined water balloons and Capture the Flag. Kellen and Tucker hiding their flag.
The girls planning their strategy.
Ammy and Maryanne posing for a photo prior to attacking the boys.
Kaylin and Allie on the move.
"Bring It...I am waiting for you."
Shortly after this picture, Kellen tripped over the hose and cut his knee. It wouldn't stop bleeding so after 5 hours, we headed to Patient First for stitches. And yes, he was not amused by my picture taking. I did promise to carry him in if he let me take pictures.
Playing a game on my phone as a distraction.
Numbing gel. No numbing shot this time...they just stitched him up. Big mistake. The child has some lungs on him.
One stitch later and we were good to go. He now is tied for the most stitches in this family. He's only 7...the other one is 17.
Yikes, I am afraid for the future!

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