Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Perfect Car

I told Tristan that I found the perfect car for him...what do you think?
This week, I have been taking a photography class at McDaniel College that is sponsored by Common Ground on the Hill. We have spent the week traveling to farms, rivers, junk yards, small towns, our teacher's cottage and fields. Most of these photos were taken manually rather than in the programmed modes on my camera. I think I am finally starting to understand it all.... just maybe!

This shot is of a weather vane on the top of our teacher's art studio. The sky was this blue on the day I took the shot.
I received a bunch of sunflowers for my birthday and I put them outside today and took this shot. I love how bright the flowers are in this picture.
This picture was taken through a hole in a log that was upright in our teacher's garden.
This hat was propped against the side of our teacher's art studio.
This picture was taken in a field of flowers.
This was taken in a garden in Union Town, MD.
This dress was hanging on a clothes line in Union Town. Not sure why, but it spoke to me!
This damselfly was posing for pictures down by the river.
This is a shot of a jug wrapped in twine on our teacher's deck.
This is a dog that we saw on one of the farms we visited.
Again, this photo was taken in a field of flowers. I love all the blue in the photo. Of course, I have no idea how it all came together!
I will be back tomorrow with Show Us Where You Live Friday.

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Stefunkc said...

They're all wonderful but I think the dress is my favorite!

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