Monday, July 20, 2009

The Family That Bikes Together...

We have become a biking family. At least twice a week, we load up the bikes and hit one of the trails in Maryland for a family adventure. The sad thing is that when we load up all 7 bikes, we have to take 2 cars to transport the people!
On Saturday, we decided to ride part of the BWI trail and part of the B & A Trail (Baltimore-Annapolis) We started at the Dixon Observation Park where you can watch the planes land. I could have stayed and watched the planes for hours--it's amazing how wobbly they look coming in.
Had to capture my favorite airline....
We hit the trails. As you can see, passing happens often. You can also see what happens when Kellen does not pay attention to where he's going.
We had to stop at 7-Eleven to buy peroxide. He was thrilled.
This tends to be my view as I am usually the rider in the back.
It also means that I get to deal with all of the drama along the the previous wipeout and the bee that stung Ammy on the lip as in flew into her mouth. That was pleasant for everyone involved.
I spend a lot of time saying, "Don't stop pedaling." Especially on the hills because when they stop, I end up having to stop. At least there are a lot of pretty flowers along the trail.We stopped in Severna Park after 9 miles to eat lunch. Scary thing is that most of the bikes in this picture belong to us!
The best part of the trip is the quiet on the way home! 18 miles on the bike means at least one family member falls asleep.

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Kari said...

Fun. Fun. Fun. Looks beautiful. Great family time.

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