Monday, July 27, 2009

Mother Nature Was Pissed

We spent a weekend where mother nature ruined our plans. On Saturday, we went with my BFF, Alden, to see Jason Mraz at Merriweather Post Pavilion. It was her birthday gift to me and we were not leaving no matter what...
We had a great picnic dinner on the lawn with a ton of other people.
We were just hanging out and having a good time when the sky opened up. We tried to hide under our blanket.
It didn't work and we got soaked.Then yesterday, we had people over for crabs. Out of no where a storm came upon us....branches were all over the yard
and a tree behind our house split in two while we watched.
A very big tree!

1 comment:

Stefunkc said...

Holy smokes! You're having weird weather like us! The high today was 80. At the end of July. Usually it's over 100! We've had so much rain I haven't watered in a week!

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