Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Contest

So, it's Spring Break and I have decided to host a contest. The first person to leave a comment with the city and state where the Meagher family has gone on vacation wins a special prize. Telling you what the prize is would give our location away as this place is famous for this prize. For all you lurkers out there, it really is easy to leave a comment. Click on comment and then click on google. There is a spot that says No Google Account Sign Up Here. Create your account and leave a comment. If I told you where we were going, don't cheat!

We drove over a large body of water.
There are many Terp fans here and many establishments are showing the ACC games on their tvs.
They serve green beer here...yuck!
Kellen is holding something that you can find here.
These are a few of the houses in the community where we are staying.
Remember, city and state. First person with the correct answer wins!


M said...

Ocean City, Maryland?
Do I get more than one try?

CL said...

Dewey Beach, DE

betseykerr said...

Baltimore, Maryland?or College Park, Maryland?

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