Sunday, March 8, 2009

Don't These Kids Know That We Are In The Midst Of An Economic Crisis?

My kids are losing teeth like crazy. While Ammy doesn't quite have the jack-o-lantern look going on, she lost another tooth today at a birthday party.
The tooth fairy is the biggest slacker at our house. We have many excuses for why she hasn't come on any given night. Tomorrow, I might have to tell her that the tooth fairy hasn't come because she has been laid off.
Look at this tooth. Can you see the hole in the center of the tooth? I knew she had a cavity, but really, this is impressive. (The dentist didn't want to fill it since she was going to lose it soon.) With all of the money I saved on not filling the cavity, I think the tooth fairy still has a job. At least until the next tooth falls out.

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