Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mostly Done

So, I am mostly done with the room...FINALLY! The twins love their new space. This is their bunk bed. I found the quilts at Target. They each have a bulletin board next to their beds-it is my hope that they will stick things on the boards instead of on the furniture and the walls. It didn't work the last time, but I have put the fear of God in them if they mess up the paint job!
The dust ruffle on the bed is very wrinkled-I am hoping that the wrinkles will fall out the longer it is on. Did I mention that I hate ironing? The dust ruffle is hiding the mattress under the bunk bed that we pull out for sleepovers.
I made the cornice boards out of wood. I painted them white and then I added vinyl sticker dots that I also found at Target. The shades will be painted this weekend.
Their closet is a chalk board. I have already had to erase everything once because the big kids were writing all over it. Then we had to have a discussion about what is and is not appropriate for the chalk board. Duke is Puke not acceptable. Kellen is a dork, not acceptable. Mom Rocks!, acceptable.
This is a 6 foot round white rug that I found. It looks like a giant polka dot. Ammy has been rolling around on it since I brought it home. Apparently, it is very soft. It is not my favorite, but they love it.
And the thing that they are most excited about...they have a door knob that locks!


Denny said...

Grandmom and I love the kids room. You did a fantastic job always!
Love Ya, Grandmom and Uncle Denny

M said...

Excellent job Mom! How cool is that room! I espceially like the bulletin boards and chalkboard clost doors! The dots are cool too!

Kristie said...

My kids room is so pathetic compared to that! OK, you've motivated me to (at the very least, THINK about) get organized and paint their rooms!

"Kellen is a dork" is probably what would be written here, too, since I also have a Kellen. :)

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